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Magic is an Expensive Avocation  

Magic is an Expensive Avocation I have been studying and practicing magic for fifty years. When I was a kid, I did chores around the house and around the neighborhood to raise the funds I needed to buy the magic I wanted. At that time, my magic shop of choice was The...

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Phil Thomas

Phil Thomas Phil Thomas was one of Baltimore’s great magic dealers. His shop was the Yogi Magic Mart on Charles Street. He was my dealer from the time I was maybe 11 to the time I went off to graduate school in the early 1980s. He always used to tell me, "David, you...

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How to Become a Magician 

How to Become a Magician I hope that some of you are interested enough in magic to want to study it yourself. If you are, I hope you will reach out to me so I can personally assist you in your journey. I have made a video on this topic. You may view my video here: How...

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David Devant

  David Devant David Devant was an English performer of the Victorian era. Milbourne Christopher called Devant, “The master performer of his time.” Jim Steinmeyer said Devant was "England's greatest magician — arguably the greatest magician of the 20th Century,"...

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Carisa Hendrix aka Lucy Darling

Carisa Hendrix aka Lucy Darling I love surfing on YouTube. I never know what I will see, what I might learn, or what new magical talent I might discover. Carisa is well known now, but when I first saw her on YouTube, not so much. Carisa Hendrix, aka Lucy Darling. The...

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The Great Blackstone

The Great Blackstone I never saw Blackstone perform. He crossed over when I was only five years old. And yet of all magicians living or dead, he had the most profound impact on my life. My grandfather Raymond loved magic. He was a traveling salesman who spent most of...

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Annemann Theodore Annemann was one of the great mentalists in the history of the art. I would never ascribe the term “greatest” to anyone in any performance art. Muhammad Ali may have been the greatest fighter of all time. Still, in any performance art, greatness is...

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